Know more about Alcohol


More and more friends want to try to use essential oil to mix perfume or aromatherapy spray, we woud like to introduce below products to everyone this time!

From left to right

Ethanol 96% -> Perfume Alcohol (Ethanol 99.8%) -> 2-Phenoxyethanol -> Isopropyl Alcohol 99.5%

1. Ethyl Alcohol 96% B.P / Ethanol 96%
Alcohol extracted from plants is suitable for making aromatherapy sprays and perfumes.

2. Perfume base Ethanol ≥99.8% / Perfume Alcohol 
Alcohol extracted from plants, compared with 96%, the alcohol concentration will be higher, the ability to dissolve essential oils will be stronger, and the alcohol smell will be less, suitable for higher requirements or for goods.

3. 2 - Phenoxyethanol
Although there is the word ethanol in the name, it is a non-alcoholic product and is a cosmetic and pharmaceutical grade preservative.

4.  Isopropyl Alcohol 99.5% / Isopropanol 99.5%
It belongs to chemically synthesized alcohol with a pungent smell and is not suitable for making aromatherapy spray or perfume.
Example of use: cleaning aromatherapy machine, diluted to 75% for disinfection purposes.

Notes about alcohol products:
‧ The best disinfection effect is between 70-75% alcohol.
‧ Alcohol is highly volatile and highly flammable. Keep away from fire.
‧ It is recommended to store alcohol in a cool, dry place that is not exposed to sunlight.
‧ Do not place it where children can easily reach it, so as not to swallow it by mistake.
‧ Alcohol is not edible, it may lead to alcohol poisoning.