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Taiwan Aromatherapy Diffuser


Made in Taiwan

Aromatherapy diffuser can 100% vaporize pure essential oils in the air without water, heat and burning. 

At room temperature, by the principle of the oscillating gas atomization, Aromatherapy diffuser vaporize the essential oil molecules and dissociates rapidly to form a high concentration anion state. 
Therefore, aromatherapy diffuser is the most effective way of diffusing essential oil for inhalation therapy.

Bottom diameter: 8cm
Height: 16cm
Set Included:
Aromatherapy Diffuser x 1 (Diffuser、Glass parts、User manual (chinese)、USB Wire 、Carton box)

How to use: Mount the assembled essential oil bottle onto the main unit. remove the cap and pour 15-25 Drops essential oil into the glass bottle, close the cap and press the powder button.

he Diffuser run a cycle of 10 min on, 20 mins off. It will be auto turn off after 2 hours.

Product return policy: This product is not subject to maintenance. If you find that the product is not working properly within 7 days from the date of pickup, please contact us within 3 days, and provide the relevant document number for replacement, and please ensure that the product and packaging is complete. (You can go to the store to change it once, there is no refund service)

For details, please refer to the User manual on the product.

The picture above is for reference only. The real object should be considered as final.

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