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Father's Day Set D - Father's Day Promotion - KUSU HANDMADE Japanese Amour Diffused Set with essential oil

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essential oil:

Available for online purchase only.

Package inclused:
1. KUSU HANDMADE Japanese Amour Diffused Wood
2. KUSU HANDMADE Ceramic Plate for Diffused Wood - Warm Grey 
3. Essential oil choose from options 

1. KUSU HANDMADE Japanese Amour Diffused Wood
Size: 4×4×4cm
Weight: around 25g
Origin: Japan
Material: Natural camphor wood made in Kyushu

KUSU HANDMADE takes “comfort, environmental protection, and health” as its brand concept
The camphor wood grown in Kyushu does not contain any chemical ingredients
You can pour your favorite essential oil as a diffuser

Application: placed on the desk, bedside, doorway, bathroom

1. Pour your favorite essential oil on the small diffused wood
2. The essential oil will naturally penetrate into the wood ornaments and then emit a light aroma

The essential oil will be immersed in the wood block, so be sure to put the tray underneath
And please use dishes made of glass or pottery for the tray, do not use wood products
This is handmade from natural wood, so the color and size of each piece will not be exactly the same
If there are black spots on the wood block, it is a substance unique to the camphor tree, not dirty



2. KUSU HANDMADE Ceramic Plate for Diffused Wood - Warm Grey 

Size: 5cm (bottom) × 6cm (Top) × 1.5cm (Height)
Weight: around 30g
Origin: Japan
Material: Ceramic
Colour: Warm Grey

Application: placed under the diffused Wood.

佐賀県嬉野・吉田焼 224porcelain とのコラボレーションで生まれたカラフルなアロマディッシュ専用皿です。 お茶所として、また日本でも有数の温泉地としても有名な佐賀県嬉野市で作られる陶磁器・肥前吉田焼。「224porcelain」はその小さな産地・肥前吉田に生まれた磁器のブランドです。


3. Essential oil options:

- wacca Yuzu oil 5ml
- wacca Ho Leaf Oil 5ml
- wacca Japanese Peppermint Oil 5ml
- wacca Todo fir Oil 5ml
- essential elements Bergamot Oil 10ml
- essential elements Rose Geranium Oil 10ml
- essential elements Grapefruit Oil 10ml
- essential elements Orange Sweet Oil 10ml



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