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DIY refreshing aftershave package (Organic Peppermint Floral Water 100ml + Natural Cucumber Extract 30ml + Witch Hazel Extract 30ml + 100ml Amber Plastic Bottle with spray x 1)

HK$215 HK$227

Package include:
1) Organic Peppermint Floral Water 100ml  
2) Natural Cucumber Extract 30ml
3) Witch Hazel Extract 30ml
4) 100ml Amber Plastic Bottle with spray x 1

Recipe for around 100ml:

1) Organic Peppermint Floral Water 100ml  
2) Natural Cucumber Extract 3ml
3) Witch Hazel Extract 3ml

Steps: Mix Floral Water & Extract. Pour into container.
Usage: use on clean skin aftershave.

** The above information is for reference only
** For those with sensitive skin, please test before use
** Do not place it where children can easily reach it.
** Children under 6 years old and individual patients should be used with caution or please check with the doctor first.
For online purchase only. 

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