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DIY Spring DIY Radiant Skin Moisturizing Lotion Set

HK$318 HK$394

Package include:

1) Carrot Infused Oil 100ml (Best Before: 06/2024)
2) White Rose Floral Water 100ml 
3) Emulsifying Polymer (Cold Process) 100ml
4) Bearberry liquid Extract 15ml

1) Carrot Infused Oil 15% /15ml
2) White Rose Floral Water 85% /85ml
3) Emulsifying Polymer (Cold Process) 2-3% /2-3ml
4) Bearberry liquid Extract 1-5% /1-5ml

Method: Mix all ingredients together and mix well.
Use within 1 month, if no preservative added to recipe. Keep in cool & dry place.

**Recipe for reference only, For sensitive skin, please tester before use.

**Children under 6 years old and individual patients need to have consultations with doctors.

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