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DIY Perfume Set (Light Floral) (Perfume Base Ethanol ≥99.8% 100ml + Rose Absolute Oil 1ml + Marjoram Oil 10ml + Grapefruit Oil 10ml + 20ml Perfume Glass Bottle with spray x 2)

HK$399 HK$429

Package included:

Perfume Base Ethanol ≥99.8% 100ml
Rose Absolute Oil 1ml
Marjoram Oil 10ml
Grapefruit Oil 10ml
20ml Perfume Glass Bottle with spray x 2

Perfume Base 10ml
Rose absolute Oil 4 drops (Base) 
Marjoram Oil 6 drops (Middle)
Grapefruit Oil 5-6 drops (Top)

Mix Base > Middle > Top essential oil with  Perfume Base and pour to Glass Spray bottle , mix well.

Usage: It is recommended to spray on clothes

**Do not use for alcohol-sensitive persons

** Do not near the fire source during use and after use the Perfume 

 **Recipe for reference only, for sensitive skin, please tester before use.

**Children under 6 years old and individual patients need to have consultations with doctors.


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