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Cornflower Floral Water


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Origin: Bulgaria

Botanical Name: Centaurea Cyanus

Cornflower hydrosol has a very delicate, slightly floral scent.
It will have a soothing effect and retore bridghtness on tired, red and irritated eyes.

The cornflower hydrosol can also be used as skin and hair care. It’s remarkable moisturizing effect can restore dry, fragile and dull skin and hair to a silky luster surface. It can also be used with labdanum rose hydrosol by wet compression method around the eyes to smooth annoying crow's feet.

The pH value is about 4.7~5.0, the stability is medium, and the best fresh-keeping period is about half year.

1) Spray on a cotton pad and apply to the eye area or the skin that needs attention for about 5-8 minutes before removal.
2) Spray on a cotton pad as a toner after cleansing, and gently apply on skin.
3) Spray directly on face when needed.

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