Essential Elements HK

Aromatherapy Diffuser (stop selling)

Aromatherapy diffuser can 100% vaporize pure essential oils in the air without water, heat and burning. 
Through the application of “Bernoulli’s Principle” and “Lenard effect”, aromatherapy diffuser diffuse the original essential oils while maintaining the organic content and the therapeutic attribute. 
At room temperature, by the principle of the oscillating gas atomization, Aromatherapy diffuser vaporize the essential oil molecules and dissociates rapidly to form a high concentration anion state. 
Therefore, aromatherapy diffuser is the most effective way of diffusing essential oil for inhalation therapy.

Bottom diameter: 10.5cm
Height: 16.5cm

The Diffuser run a cycle of 10 min on, 30 mins off. It will be auto turn off after three cycles.

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