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2024 CNY Cleaning Package - (With HK delivery) 2 set of General cleaning (cleaning of bathroom, kitchen, washing machine) Set* #Sodium bicarbonate #Citric acid #Sodium percarbonate

HK$168 HK$220

The set includes:
1) Sodium bicarbonate 500g x2 (origin: Spain/Thailand)
2) Citric acid 500g x2 (origin: China)
3) Sodium percarbonate 500g x2 (origin: China)

The above ingredients can decompose dirt naturally, are non-toxic, do not irritate the skin, and do not pollute the environment.

Place an order separately and include local shipping charges (Hong Kong only, cannot combin with others goods or order)

Please select store pickup first and then whatsapp the delivery address and order number to 95671297

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