2020 New Page! Logo! Image! Website!


2020 new page!
Essential Elements and our team are pleased to present to you our new image via our newly designed logo and product packaging.
The new logo uses timeless black and white tones, combined with simple notes to form concise elements graphics, bringing “elements" as an important element of life. It also expressing the high-quality raw materials we source from all over the world, allowing our value customers to personalize their own high-quality DIY Skin care products.   The S at the end of the pattern, expresses the originality, perfection and completeness of personalized skin care products.
In line with our new brand logo, newly launched products have been replaced with new image labels, and existing products and packaging will be replaced. In addition, our new online shopping platform is launched to provide our clients with a revolutionary shopping experience!
The new platform's ease of use for our client is our top priority.  Payment process will be faster and more convenient. Member points can be pre-selected and automatically used when ordering. The SMS notification / Email notifications and more ...
Due to the use of different systems between our two online platform (old and new), all existing members are kindly requested to re-register as new members on the new website by themselves. Registration is easy and simple. After successfully registering as a member on our new platform, you can get a welcome discount code to try out our totally new shopping experiences.
The old shopping platform will be discontinued on 01/05/2020. All customers can go to our new shopping platform to register as a new member. After registration, please inform us of your registration email information by  whatsapp (9567 1297) to arrange the transfer of points (if applicable). We will reply with whatsapp for confirmation.  There is no deadline for the points transferred.  If there are bonus point remaining in the old shopping platform, it will be automatically expired on 01/05/2020 *, please kindly register and arrange the bonus point transfer on time.
* If you want to transfer the points, please inform us before 30/04/2020 to arrange. If all old website points are not transferred before 30/4/2020, it will be cancelled starting from 01/05/2020, no return allowed.