事業、家庭由朝忙到晚,身心長期處於疲勞狀態,每日都應該有屬於自己嘅Me Time,在家享受 #SPA級水療浴足 其實都唔難,盡享放鬆一刻,疲勞盡消!

「死海浴鹽」提取自死海含豐富礦物質有助緩解肌肉疼痛, 令身體放鬆。

建議用法: (浸腳配方)
死海浴鹽 1大湯匙

榛果油 10ML
山雞椒精油 40 滴
15ML 玻璃滴管樽1個







IWe are busy from morning to night with career and family, and our body and mind are in a state of fatigue for a long time. We should have our own Me Time every day. It is not difficult to enjoy a #SPA-level foot bath at home. Enjoy a moment of relaxation and your fatigue will disappear!

"May Chang essential oil" helps digestion and reduces flatulence, relieves stress levels and improves sleep quality.
"Dead Sea Bath Salts" are extracted from the Dead Sea and are rich in minerals that can help relieve muscle pain and relax the body.

Recommended usage: (Foot Soaking Formula)
Dead Sea bath salt 1 tablespoon
5 -10 drops of relaxing aromatherapy oil
Hot water around 40 degrees

To make "Body and Mind Relaxation" aromatherapy oil:
Hazelnut oil 10ML
May Chang essential oil 40 drops
15ML glass dropper bottle
*Add May Chang essential oil and hazelnut oil into a glass dropper bottle and mix.

**The water temperature should be maintained at around 40°C, and soaking for ten to fifteen minutes is usually enough.

After soaking your feet, remember to dry them and apply moisturizing lotion to prevent dryness, cracks, and itching.

Before going to bed: Foot bath can soothe foot muscles and relax nerves, which has a good sleep-aid effect. This has been true since ancient times. Generally, foot bath one hour before going to bed can effectively help sleep. However, a small number of patients with insomnia may feel better after soaking their feet. It is recommended to move the foot soaking time to two hours before going to bed.

Two hours after a meal: At this time, the food has been digested and there is sufficient blood sugar in the body, so you can take a foot bath to increase circulation in the body. If you plan to take a foot bath in the evening, try to choose easily digestible food for dinner.

It is not advisable to take a foot bath within an hour after a meal or on an empty stomach, because when you are just full, most of the blood will be concentrated in the digestive system to assist in the digestion of food. If we use a foot bath to guide the blood to the lower half, it may cause indigestion. situation. The blood sugar in the human body is low when fasting, so foot bath is more likely to cause dizziness.

**The above information is for reference only. If you have sensitive skin, please test it yourself first.
**Children under 6 years old and patients with individual illnesses should use with caution or please check with your doctor first.


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